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George Fuller von Bozzay, Ph.D. Founder and Clinical Director of the Biofeedback Institute of San Francisco; Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University Medical Center; Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Biological Dysfunction, University of California Medical School, San Francisco; Staff Psychologist, Adult Psychiatry Department, Children’s Hospital, San Francisco; Faculty, City College of San Francisco, University of California, Berkeley Extension; 1976 President, Biofeedback Society of California, past Co-chairman of State Societies and Chairman of Insurance Committee, Biofeedback Society of America;

The author of Biofeedback: Methods and Procedures in Clinical Practice (Biofeedback Press, 1977) and Psychology: Today and Tomorrow (Harper and Row, 1978) as well as other books, chapters and publications.

Download Dr. von Bozzay’s Curriculum  Vitae in PDF format

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