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Track 1, RELAXATION, is a full muscle relaxation technique

Track 2, MINI-RELAXATION, is a 30-second exercise

Track 3, AUTOGENIC-TRAINING, is a European Self-Hypnosis technique

Track 4, OPEN-FOCUS, is a space exercise to clear the mind



Biofeedback, Behavioral Medicine & Stress Management

By George Fuller von Bozzay, Ph.D.


A clinician's desk reference with 400 pages. Of practical, useful information on procedures, techniques, clinical protocols, and record keeping forms. 100 photographs illustrating steps in effective treatment and equipment uses. 4 audiocassette tapes, synchronized sound/slide program for referral presentation. Extensive resource lists - an office reference source in a package for the price of only five client hours. $275 ($225 without sound/slide)


Biofeedback: Methods and Procedures in Clinical Practice

By George Fuller von Bozzay, Ph.D.


The most widely used introductory manual in biofeedback. The first of its kind available, the book has been in continous Print since 1977, and is a classic in the field. Included in the book are creative approaches to unusual symptoms, as well as a discussion of practical information on the choice of proper instrumentation.

Foreword by M.B. Sterman, Ph.D. $24 

343 pages Text/Workbook


By George fuller von Bozzay, Ph.D. $16.95



  1.  150+ pages of clearly written and exciting information, demonstrations and projects to help make psychology     and physiology more real thorough personal experience with Biofeedback.

  2.   Includes projects that can be done without expensive instruments (i.e., with common devices or by other             means).

  3.   Photographs illustrating the application of Biofeedback equipment and its use.

  4.   Worksheets and data forms ready for use.

  5.   Extensive resource lists for the most recent information about books, journals, instrument companies,                 audio/visual materials.


For the instructor who adopts the text, A choice of:

  1.   A test item file and instructor's resource book

  2.   A desk copy (with 15-24 copies)

  3.   An audiocassette relaxation tape (with 25-49 copies)

  4.   A GSR Biofeedback instrument (with 50-74 copies)

  5.   A color slide/tape program (with 75 or more copies)

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