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Professional Training
Professional Training

Customized individual or small group training programs are available. Physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, teachers, and other professional groups may design their own program lengths and times in order to add Biofeedback and Neurofeedback to their professional skills. The costs are usually on an hourly basis. An example of a prototype program would be 10 hours over 2 day period, such as a five hour day, with a one day break to read assimilate and practice, before the second five hour day conclusion. The cost of this program would be $175 per hour. If paid as a block of 10 hours it is discounted to $1450.

Rather than sit in a large group training with other professionals of different knowledge and expertise in physiology, medicine, psychotherapy etc., the program would be tailored to your specific needs and the focus of problem areas and equipment in your specific practice. Thus the program would provide you those interests and treatments that you want to be trained in, rather than sit through classes of basic information which you may already have.

If you would like or need to be certified and Biofeedback as a major focus in your practice you may want to contact The BCIA (biofeedback certification International alliance) which is the certification arm of the AAPB (Association for Applied psychophysiology and Biofeedback). If you are adding Biofeedback or Neurofeedback as an adjunct to your practice in your professional field, you may simply want to have the training needed to be competent in this modality.

Corporate Stress Management
Corporate Stress Management

Corporate Stress Management Programs include Performance training, relaxation, creativity and memory enhancement are available and has been used by major corporations to increase efficiency, satisfaction, and productivity. Both individual and group consultations are offered.

Executive Stress Programs:

  1.     Intoductory Presentations

  2.     Seminars on Stress

  3.     Stress Management Workshops

Individual Services:

  1.     Personal Stress Evaluation

  2.     Stress Management Training

  3.     Biofeedback / Relaxation

  4.     Exercise Programs

  5.     Nutritional Counseling

Treatment of Stress-Related Disorders, Including:

  1.     Migraine

  2.     Tension Headaches

  3.     Hypertension

  4.     Smoking / Weight Control

  5.     Alcohol / Drug Abuse

  6.     Colitis / Ulcers

  7.     Back Pain / Muscle Spasm

  8.     Sexual Dysfunction

Stressed Woman

Stress Management Consultant’s can:


  1. Assess your organization, key officers and/or employees to determine the need for stress management services.

  2. Provide luncheon talks to interested employees to determine whether they have stress and would benefit from a Stress Management Program.

  3. Accept referrals of individual employees from employee assistance or personnel departments for treatment of stress-related problems and symptoms.

  4. Organize stress management workshops, lectures, and conferences for small or large groups.

  5. Develop an effective on-going volutart Stress Management Program for employees.

  6. Teach a one-session-per-week, six-week corporate training seminar, "How to Identify Stressors and Stress-Carriers," and implement effective stress management strategy both individually and orgranizationally.Consult with in-house personnel to develop an on-site program for the organization.

We have designed and presented programs for the following organizations:


  1.     American Management Association

  2.     American Telephone and Telegraph, Western Region

  3.     Bank of America, Corporate Headquarters

  4.     Chevron, U.S.A.

  5.     Children's Hospital, Adult Medical Center

  6.     Department of Housing and Urban Development

  7.     National Association of Credit Management, 1981 Annual Convention

  8.     The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company

  9.     United Vintners

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