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"I learned how to control my anxiety, so now I can turn off my panic attacks before they get started..."

I was able to see my physiologic personality response on the computer screen and learn how to control my anxiety, so now I can turn off my panic attacks before they get started.

I learned how to control my brain wave frequencies in order to achieve a natural deep sleep by reducing the vast frequency thinking brain waves down to slow her frequency sleep brain waves.

I learned how to focus concentrate and improve my memory by self regulating my brain through Nuro feedback procedures in which I saw my brain on the computer screen and lit up certain areas for optimal performance.

My headaches are overwhelming and through biofeedback I learned to control The muscle tension which I was not aware of that caused the Charlie horse in my head.

It amazes me how simple and straightforward the biofeedback learning procedure is, with the use of this technology I learned quickly and easily to self regulate my physiology and illuminate my pain and fear.

My sweating was so bad that my shirt was drenched when I would try to speak in a group, and with biofeedback self regulation of the sweat gland activity I was able to Illuminate that symptom and remain perfectly dry.

When my doctor discovered I had high blood pressure he wanted me to immediately take medication which unfortunately would result in unwanted side effects, I went to biofeedback and learned to reduce my blood pressure to be normotensive in a matter of a few sessions and have remained so now for several years (And remain normal since then.)

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